Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye

This is a rye whiskey that masquerades as a bourbon, and one of the most awe-inspiring whiskeys to ever come out of Kentucky. Enigmatic and highly sought-after, expect a sumptuously smooth mouthfeel, rolling with outstanding and captivating flavors that blur the lines between rye and bourbon and leave you wondering and wanting more. On the nose, classic notes of vanilla, caramel, cinnamon and spice prevail, before a silky, alkaline mouthfeel comes to the fore with rye spice, cinnamon, ground black pepper and smooth caramel notes, before a buttery finish that brings subtle spice, toffee and oak. This 13 Year Old Family Reserve Rye from van Winkle is perhaps the most important whiskey in their portfolio.
Bottle Size: 750ML
Box: No
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