Parker's Heritage Collection 8th Edition '13 Year Wheat Whiskey'

Crafted using barrels originally from the very first run of what was to become Bernheim Original straight what whiskey, Parker’s Heritage Collection 8th Edition 13 year old Cask Strength wheat whiskey was released in 2014 in two batches each with differing proof rates; batch 1 has a mature cask strength of 127.4% proof and batch 2 is matured to 126.8% proof. PHC 8th Edition is aged for 13 years and contains an undisclosed mash bill with at least 51% soft winter wheat. This decadently rich whiskey has a nose both light and delicate, hued with tones of caramel and sweet vanilla. On the tongue, the taste is warm and welcoming with layers of sweet grain and baked bread drizzled with honey. A terrific whiskey! Widely considered one of the best of the PHC releases.
Bottle Size: 750ML
Box: No
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