Old Forester Birthday Bourbon (2022 Release)

An annual limited-edition release that commemorates the birthday of Old Forester's founder, George Garvin Brown, the 2022 Birthday Bourbon is a 96-proof, 11-year-old single-batch whiskey famously distilled in one day at the Brown-Forman distillery. Hand-selected by Master Distiller Chris Morris, the Old Forester 2022 Birthday Bourbon was limited to a minuscule amount of barrels (barrelled in 2011) and unlike previous editions, was marketed as a sweepstakes-only bottling - unavailable at retail locations. The ultimate collector's whiskey, Old Forester 2022 Birthday Bourbon features notes of thick honey, cloves, and almonds in brown sugar. These complement a palate of vanilla-cola cream, banana, and minty bubblegum. Considered to be one of the most superior expressions from this highly esteemed release, this decadent small-batch bourbon is a lavish quaff filtering to a long, slightly bittersweet finish.
Bottle Size: 750ML
Box: No

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