Lagavulin 12 Year Limited Edition Scotch Whisky (2009 Release)


Embarking on a journey through time, this exceptional Lagavulin 12 Year Limited Edition, distilled in 1997 and bottled in 2009, stands as a testament to Islay's distinctive whisky craftsmanship. Presented at a potent cask strength of 57.9% abv, this is the 8th edition to the series with a higher ABV than its older cousins. It remains untouched by added colouring or chill filtration, preserving its pure, unadulterated spirit.

While it might be seen as the younger sibling to Lagavulin's much-acclaimed 16-year-old classic, this expression carries its own maritime-infused charm with a sharp, smoky aura. As a rare find in today's whisky landscape, it offers enthusiasts a chance to indulge in a piece of Lagavulin's illustrious history. A gentle caress to the senses, its nose introduces a harmonious blend of salty smoked haddock, accompanied by evocative hints of coal, tar, charcoal, and a unique touch of soap. Delving deeper, the palate presents a sooty and minerally profile. Subtle wafts of smoke dance around, albeit less intensely than one might anticipate from its aromatic promise, offering a contrast that might leave some yearning for more. Concluding the experience, a dry finish graces the palate with a delicate wisp of cedar smoke. Cloaking this exquisite spirit is a pale gold hue, reminiscent of dawn's first light on Islay's shores.

This 2009 release is more than just a whisky; it's a rare gem from the iconic vaults of Lagavulin. A true collector's delight. 

Bottle Size: 750ML
Box: Yes

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