Jefferson's Tropics 'Aged In Humidity' Bourbon


Renowned for its Aged at Sea series, Jefferson's Bourbon offers iconic and innovatively aged whiskeys prized for their rich flavor profiles and finishes. Their latest maritime experiment, Jefferson's Tropics Aged In Humidity, takes aging to the humid island of Singapore, enhancing its sweetness and caramelization. This release involves selecting 9 containers (each holding roughly 720 barrels) of fully matured Kentucky straight bourbon, which were then exposed to at least 18 months of tropical heat and humidity during a voyage to Singapore in 2019.

After returning home in March 2023, the barrels were reviewed by Zoeller and bottled for release. Produced in limited quantities and finished 104-proof, each bottle of Tropics Aged In Humidity showcases a silk-screen printing of the Singapore island on the back label. Anticipate aromas of caramel, vanilla, and ripe fruits, while the palate offers smoky tobacco, baking spice, and brown sugar notes.

Bottle Size: 750ML
Box: No

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