Jack Daniel's Special Release 'Twice Barreled' Heritage Barrel Rye Whiskey (2023 release)

The newest addition to Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Special Release series, Jack Daniel's Special Release 2023 Twice Barreled Heritage Barrel Rye Whiskey, is a remarkable expression at 100-proof. Crafted from the classic Jack Daniel's rye mash, consistent since 2017, this whiskey boasts a composition of 70% rye, 18% corn, and 12% malted barley. Charcoal filtration adds to its refinement, along with the familiar JD characteristics we cherish. After aging for five years in new charred oak barrels, it undergoes an additional two years of maturation in heavily toasted 'Heritage barrels'. The Special Release Heritage barrel can anticipate a richly layered, intricate flavor profile. From toasted oak and banana bread to burnt caramel, the journey continues with notes of sweet vanilla, marshmallow, oak, and cinnamon that culminate in a satisfying finish.
Bottle Size: 700ML
Box: No

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