Jack Daniel's Prohibition 70th & 75th Anniversary Set


Jack Daniel's released special anniversary editions to commemorate their 70th and 75th anniversaries. These limited edition whiskies are highly sought after by collectors and fans of Jack Daniel's. These releases are highly collectible and sought after by whiskey enthusiasts due to their significance in Jack Daniel's history and the unique qualities they offer.

Jack Daniel's 70th Anniversary Whiskey release celebrated the 70th anniversary of the end of Prohibition in the United States. The whiskey was crafted to reflect the style of the pre-Prohibition era, with a focus on traditional production methods. It typically featured a higher proof and a richer flavor profile, paying homage to Jack Daniel's heritage.

Jack Daniel's 75th Anniversary Whiskey release marked the 75th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition. It showcased a special blend of Jack Daniel's whiskey, crafted to commemorate the milestone. The flavor profile and characteristics of this release varied depending on the specific edition, as there were different expressions released under the 75th anniversary umbrella.

Bottle Size: 750ML
Box: Yes
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