Tears of Lorona Tequila Extra Anejo


Tears of Llorona, crafted by German Gonzalez, is an exceptionally rare tequila, meticulously handcrafted and twice-barreled. It begins with 100% blue agaves sourced from the high volcanic slopes of Jalisco, where slow growth is ensured. Tequilero German Gonzalez personally selects and late-harvests the agaves to enhance their starch and sugars. The piñas undergo slow traditional roasting, with fermentation using proprietary yeast and a slow process. Distillation occurs in pot stills, followed by barreling at a very high specific gravity. The unique process involves two barrels sequentially, resulting in significant osmotic loss, hence the name "Tears of Llorona." 

Bottle Size: 1L
Box: No
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