George T Stagg Bourbon (2018 release)

Buffalo Trace Distillery is a well known for their whiskey, and this 2018 edition of George T. Stagg straight bourbon from their Antique Collection effortlessly establishes this truth, one sip at a time. Aged for +15 years in 284 expertly selected new white oak #4 char barrels, this expressive whiskey is double distilled in BTD beer stills and finished to a simmering 124.9 proof. Distilled in Spring 2003 and released in Fall 2018, 2018 George T. Stagg bourbon contains a mash bill of undisclosed amounts of distillers grade #1 & #2 Kentucky corn, Minnesota rye, and sourced malted barley from North Dakota. The nose opens to notes of tobacco smoked cherries, vanilla, and spice over a palate of deeply charred oak, chocolate, and seasoned fruits.
Bottle Size: 750ML
Box: No

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