Little Book Chapter 2 (2018 Release)

It’s no simple task to create premium quality whisky, but that’s exactly what Booker’s Little Book Chapter 2 Noe Simple Task Blended straight whisky is; a highly quaffable blend of whisky from Jim Beam Distillery in partnership with undisclosed Canadian-based distilleries from the Beam Suntory family. Released in 2018, this NAS straight whisky is a combination of 3 distinct blends ranging in age from 8, 13, and 40 year old whisky with a proprietary mash bill kept carefully under wraps. Matured for 8 years with a finished cask strength of 118.8% proof, Noe Simple Task whisky is an ongoing release from Booker’s Little Book series and offers an aroma and palate rife with hints of apples, fruits, and herb over layers of spiced rye, sweetness, and floral notes.
Bottle Size: 750ML
Box: No

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