Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch Bourbon (2018 Release)

Celebrating 130 years since the name Four Roses was trademarked and the company's history officially began. This 130th anniversary edition brings together four of Four Roses's ten recipes at four different ages: 13-year-old OBSF and 10-year-old OBSV (both medium rye), 14-year-old OESV and 16-year-old OESK (both high-rye). The chosen whiskeys focus on fruity and herbal flavors, as well as Four Roses's controlled spiciness, and this fantastic bourbon is already turning heads on both sides of the Atlantic. Four Roses 130 Anniversary Edition bourbon finishes with a final bough of robust heat over delicately warm wild oak and a touch of intricate, iconic Four Roses legacy.
Bottle Size: 750ML
Box: No

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