Four Roses Marriage Bourbon Collection (2009 release)

Paying homage to the romance and thrilling tale of love and marriage, Four Roses Mariage Collection Barrel Strength straight bourbon is a blend of celebration, tradition, and artistic mastery for a full-bodied, expressive whiskey. As the title suggest, this sublime liquor was released in 2009 and is expertly presented with a result befitting any story of longing and love. Soft wafts of cloves with warm bursts of cinnamon greet the nose on first pour. The flavor is a kiss of sweetness with notable hits of warm oak, cinnamon, baked cherry pie, and drizzles of rich caramel layered in citrus zest and freshly crushed mint leaves. A final passionate glance of smoke wraps your mouth in a goodbye full of tobacco, dark fruit, and warm coffee pastries.
Bottle Size: 750ML
Box: No

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