Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2011 Cour Rockside Farms Scotch Whisky


This six-year-old whisky is crafted using barley sourced from the nearby Rockside Farm, the very same location utilized by Kilchoman for their renowned 100% Islay whiskies. The result is an expressive, pristine, and dynamic single malt of unparalleled character. This whisky highlights the significant impact barley can have when its inherent flavors are allowed to shine without the influence of sherry aging or heavy peat. The nose of this whisky is redolent with sweet grains, rich vanilla, and subtle notes of caramel intermingled with delicate hints of butterscotch. On the palate, it boasts a lean and peppery profile, yet retains a satisfying weight and richness. However, this is no gentle dram; it exudes piercing purity and directness that encourages further exploration and contemplation. It strikes a perfect balance between excitement and familiarity, embodying everything one desires in a regionally-specific whisky: intrigue and deliciousness combined.

Bottle Size: 700ML
Box: Yes
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