Whistlepig 'The Boss Hog' 6th Edition Samurai Scientist Straight Rye Whiskey


The word "WhistlePig" might not literally mean "innovation," but it perfectly encapsulates the Vermont-based distillery's spirit of shaking things up. Their journey began in 2007 when the founders bought a farm in The Green Mountain State and stumbled upon a stock of decade-old Canadian Whisky. WhistlePig's approach involves blending traditional methods with modern innovations to create exceptional spirits. Their latest creation, WhistlePig The Boss Hog Edition 六: The Samurai Scientist, exemplifies this philosophy. The Kanji symbol for six signifies the sixth chapter in the Boss Hog series, showcasing a unique twist on Rye Whiskey with a Japanese influence.

This edition is the first American Whiskey finished with Japanese Umeshu from the Kitaya brewery in Kyushu, a liqueur made by soaking Japanese apricots in Shochu. Additionally, the whiskey is crafted using koji fermentation, a process involving a special Japanese fungus, and each bottle features an image of Jōkichi Takamine, a pioneering Japanese scientist who worked in the US a century ago. WhistlePig Boss Hog Edition 六 is a bold experiment that pushes the boundaries of whiskey-making.

Bottle Size: 750ML
Box: Yes

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