Black Maple Hill Small Batch Straight Rye

Black Maple Hill whiskey is a line made by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers that features long-aged and special runs of whiskey. An enjoyably spicy rye from the Black Maple Hill range, produced in Oregon. An interesting expression, with oodles of freshly ground spice notes sat atop waves of caramel and maple syrup. Stein Distillery pioneered the way for micro-distilleries in Eastern Oregon. Since opening up in 2009, Stein Distillery's line of handcrafted products has steadily increased, along with it's consumer base. In 2011, Stein Distillery released its much anticipated 2-year American Oak-aged Straight Rye and Straight Bourbon Whiskeys. Stein Distillery's attention to detail is kept from grain growth to harvest, through fermenting , distilling, filtering and bottling - every step is done by hand producing a high quality product for the consumer.
Bottle Size: 750ML
Box: No

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