Michel Couvreur 1997 'Alba' 22 Year Single Cask Whisky


Aged for 17 years in Fino Sherry casks, then an additional 5 years in used Chenin Blanc casks from Quentin Bourse (Sot de l'Ange), this single malt whisky is bottled at cask-strength. Originally from Belgium, Michel Couvreur moved to Burgundy in the 1950s to make and sell wine. His passion for whisky led him to Scotland in 1964, where he sought out rare Sherry casks for aging. Returning to France in the 1970s, he established his cellar in Bouze-lès-Beaune, maturing whiskies in old Pedro Ximénez, Palomino, and Vin Jaune casks. Michel's dedication to traditional methods, passed down to his family and trusted employees, ensures the continuation of his legacy in artisanal Scotch whisky.

Bottle Size: 750ML
Box: Yes
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